Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus(H.H.C.J).

FOUNDRESS: Mother Mary Charles Magdalene WALKER RSC

DATE OF FOUNDATION: 15th January, 1931


The Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus (H.H.C.J) was founded by Mother Mary Charles Magdalene Walker, a Religious Sister of Charity. She came to Nigeria in 1923, at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan, to help out in the work of evangelisation, especially in the area of women’s ministry that would uplift the standard of life of the people she served. She was an educator, a medical personnel, an evangelist, and a social worker. Her desire for an indigenous congregation was fulfilled when four of the young women she taught in St. Joseph’s Convent School, Calabar, Nigeria expressed the desire to become like her. In January 15, 1931, they were received as Postulants and she gave the name Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus.

The Congregation was canonically erected in April, 1937 by the then Prefect of Calabar Prefecture – Bishop James Moynah, SPS. The first Religious Profession took place on the 21st of April, 1940. The Congregation became autonomous on the 28th December, 1959. A “Decretum Laudis” (Degree of Praise) was awarded by His Holiness Pope Paul VI, elevating the Congregation to Pontifical Right in February 29, 1971. 


Our spirituality is drawn from our model and Patronage the Blessed Virgin Mary, who first declared “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your words” Luke 1:38. In her we find the model of deep faith, humility, zeal, absolute trust in Divine providence.

Charism: “All-embracing charity”


motto: Love and Service.




  • Education at all levels including special schools for the physically impaired and the women.
  • Medical services in hospitals, maternity homes, clinics, Primary Health Care programmes and Home-Based Nursing.
  • Pastoral Ministry  - through organising Doctrine classes for the young, engaged in Religious Education Programmes, retreats, Parish and Prison Ministries.
  • Social Service: for the underprivileged, orphans, unwanted babies, single parents, prisoners, mentally ill, economic empowerment of women at all levels.
  • Missionary Service: being missionary by nature, members willingly and readily go wherever they are sent to manifest God’s love for His people.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Unmarried baptised young women with a strong desire to love and follow Christ way, good health, average intelligence, sound judgement and a good sense of humour. With the minimum qualification:

  • G.C.E A Level or any other professional training.
  • Formation Programme include:
    • One year community experience
    • One year Postulancy
    • 2 years Novitiate
    • and years of continuous formation.
  • COUNTRIES WHERE FOUND: Its international and inter-tribal nature (Unity in diversity) cause members to be drawn from all parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sierra Leone, Kenya, England, Italy, Germany, the United States of America and Canada, where its houses are spread.
  • Ecclesiastical Approval: Pontifical Status.
  • Year of Entry into Cameroon: H.H.C.J Mission in Cameroon began in 1980 at Ikassa in Buea Diocese. Currently we are in Bonjongo and Mutengene, Kitiwum, Sop and Tobin in Kumbo Diocese and in Wosing-Bali in Bamenda Archdiocese

Convent H.H.C.J Mutengene

Cell Phone: 74 80 53 72                                   
                   74 80 55 47                                                       


Convent H.H.C.J Bonjongo

Sr. Jeannet Nzike, HHCJ: 77 04 99 17

Sr. Vera Otia, HHCJ: 76 27 10 19


Convent H.H.C.J Sop

Cell Phone: 75 83 80 29
Sr. Agnes Olayode, HHCJ  : 75 34 23 09



ANCILLA Catholic Comprehensive College
Wosing – Bali Sub Division                                                    
Mezam Division, Bamenda                                                                            

Sister Veronica OMOCHO H.H.C.J
Cell Phone: 77 47 83 44                                                         

Superior of the Mission
                  75 89 34 03                                                                       Email address: