Our Lady of the Annunciation patronness of Ancilla Catholic Comprehensive College Bali.

























Ancilla Catholic Comprehensive College Wosing-Bali offers a holistic education to the youths of our country.We offer commercial and general education curriculum enhanced by courses in business, accounting, marketing, arts and sciences and family & consumer sciences. Rooted in the Catholic tradition of Faith, Knowledge and Service we minister to young boys and girls as they grow to become men and women of love and service. Ancilla has a strong presence of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus a religious women congregation who dedicate 24 hour of service to the students.




Admissions into form 1-4 are currently going on now in the school campus.

Requirements for interview into form one are:


Pencil Ruler

A copy of birth certificate

1000frs for interview fees

Passport size photographs

Baptism card if a Catholic

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